Building Better Partnership


Building Better Partnership (BBP) initiative lies within the NFID’s framework on the capacity building and support to further career development. Through different types of initiatives and programs NFID effectively develops expert capacity of the educational specialists from the developing countries and  stimulates scientific activity in the regions that still struggle to be on track with Sustainable Development Agenda.

The initiative is registered under the partnerships with United Nations:

The initiative aims at familiarizing specialists from countries participating in the implementation of SDGs with the activities of leading organizations in the field of education quality assessment and education management. Having experts and specialists from developing countries working next to global experts helps international community in better understanding of needs and current situation in education of developing countries. It contributes to development of the assessment methodologies for different indicators of the 4th SDG .

Initiative Goals

The independent observation of specialists from developing countries could be different from the official position of educational authorities of some countries which makes presence of the specialists of developing countries even more valuable for joint efforts in implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda. From the other side, by participating in the global dialogue on Sustainable Development Agenda implementation, these specialists bring knowledge and views back to their country and enrich the country’s national dialogue about educational reforming.

The goals of the initiative are:

  • to support specialists from developing and low-income countries in their efforts in imlementation of the 4th SDG through financing their research projects
  • to strengthen North-South, South-South and triangle cooperation of specialists working in the sphere of education
  • to provide technical and financial assistance to research projects


BBP provides support to the prospective researchers and specialists from developing countries through different types of programs: research calls, scholarships, travel grants, expert advisory, consultancy. Specialist from a developing country can seek for BBP support at any stage of the career.

Interested candidates can apply for support by providing application along with cover letters. Ways of support include research calls, internships, travels grants and study-tours.


BBP is implemented in close partnership with research teams from developing, low income and middle-income countries. Partners in developing countries primarily collect and reflect needs of local specialists (that can be addressed through BBP support) and promote opportunities among prospective candidates and societies. The prospective candidates include but not limited by individual researchers, post graduate students, independent research teams, NGO, etc. Partners of the BBP act as ambassadors in countries and promote NFID opportunities through personal communication and online platforms.

If you have any questions about BBP initiative or would like to participate, please, contact us.