Individual research grants

NFID provides financial support for individual specialists or teams of researchers. NFID grant support includes finances for research conducting or travel or study that is needed to be made for the research purposes. NFID provides individual grants for specialists from developing or low-income countries or for teams of specialists that include representatives of such countries. In some cases, participants from middle income countries can also apply for a grant support. All decisions are made on the review of the individual application.  

Travel grants

Apply for a travel grant

Travel grants are provided in case of a good research design to advance the education quality in developing or low-income countries. Travel grants can be provided if the candidate needs to do local or nternational travel in order to: collect data, work with specific database, have an access to facilities or staff of specific organization, participate at an important international discussion or meeting relevant to his/her research. Decisions are made after close review of the application and participant’s resume that includes previous experience and achivements.

Research grants

Apply for a research grant

The aim of the research grants provision is to support excellent research in the field of  education and educational policy in low-income and developing countries.

Types of supported research:
  • analytical desk studies;
  • development and piloting of new methodologies that can improve educational quality;
  • development and piloting of assessment methods and tools to support education management and policymaking.

The application for research grant can be made by research teams or individuals with work experience in the field of education or educational policymaking. The team must include at least one researcher from developing or low-income country. Application must be submitted for the amount not exceeding 10,000 US dollars. Only individual remuneration of the project participants is financed; for the remaining cost items of the project, other sources of financing must be indicated. Each application is evaluated by two independent experts.

Study grants

Apply for a study grant

Provision of the study grant is meant to support the researcher in case when he/she needs to attend additional training or take university courses to conduct the research. The research can approach NFID with detailed vision of the courses that he/she wants to take or with an idea. NFID experts will recommend the training course.

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