NFID acts in close partnership with research teams from developing, low income and middle-income countries. Our partners in developing countries primarily collect and reflect needs of local specialists (that can be addressed through NFID support) and promote Foundation’s grant programs among prospective candidates and societies. The prospective candidates include but are not limited by individual researchers, post graduate students, independent research teams, NGO, etc. They act as ambassadors of NFID in countries and promote NFID opportunities through personal communication and online platforms.

Center for international cooperation in education development

CICED’s aim is the coordination and execution of work on initiatives designed to facilitate international development in education, particularly through aid to developing countries.

Europe and Central Asia Comparative Education Society

Europe and Central Asia Comparative Education Society (ECA CES) brings together educational specialists of all professional levels from Central Asia and Eastern Europe to form and strengthen the professional community, to create a cumulative effect from the implementation of joint projects.

Education technologies foundation

EduTech’s core target is creation, implementation and management of innovative school education programmes.

Center for Science and Research of the National Institute of Education of the Republic of Belarus

The Center is in charge of creation and implementation of new school education methodologies. It also conducts education quality assessment research in schools of Belarus

National Center for Assessment and Testing under the Government of the Republic of Armenia

National assessment center is responsible for conducting national examination (inermediate and final examinations for the secondary school level in online and pencil-and-paper forms) and international comparative research. It develops tests under the international standards for schools and higher institutions of the Republic of Armenia.

National Assessment Center under the President of the Tajikistan

National assessment center conducts republican exams for secondary schools and universities.

National Center for Education Quality and Information Technologies under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

The National Testing Center conducts republican testing of students of secondary schools on a voluntary basis, i.e. alternative state final exam. Republican voluntary testing is a form of assessment of the quality of training for people who have mastered the educational programs of secondary general education. NCT tests are aimed at studying the quality of education in the context of districts, regions and in the whole country.