One of the most important tasks of the United Nations is to accelerate partnership and cooperation between countries for more effective achievement of the SDGs. United Nations offer online platform for registration of the partnerships under the projects that aimed at stimulation of the knowledge exchange, technologies transfer and capacity building between countries with the special focus on developing countries that join such partnerships. The platform is under the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). UN partnership should be based on principles of mutual trust, transparency, accountability, excluding all forms of discrimination.

In the core of the UN partnerships lies an idea that different non-governmental parties such as NGOs, private business and civil society can impact the achievement of the SDGs through cooperating. There are different forms of such partnership, for instance resources exchange (knowledge and such), integration of organizations or the most complex forms of partnership, where the most innovative and ambitious goals are realized, requiring a comprehensive approach. By today more than 5000 partnerships have registered with United Nations. 20% of them are aimed at 4th SDG.

The partnership can be registered under UN if it falls under the following criteria:
1) the goal of the partnership should aim at achievement of the SDG and its’ tasks
2) project progress indicators should be measurable in order to identify and shape the results
3) the attainability of the project should be reflected in the real purpose and feasible tasks
4) resources for the project should be clearly indicated
5) the timing of the implementation of the project should be specifically defined.

After the publication of the partnership, partners should submit annual report that demonstrates the progress up to date.

Registration under the UN partnerships is open to all interested parties, including Member States, public associations, local governments, the scientific and technical community, and others who seek to implement the seventeen SDGs.