School Education Quality Assessment Project

School Education Quality Assessment project (SEQAP) is being implemented in partnership with national centers for education quality assessment from the Central Asia and Easter Europe regions. It aims at providing financial and technical support to these organizations in their efforts to build complex national system for educational assessment that covers all levels of the educational system including practices of everyday in-classroom assessment and international comparative monitoring.

The project also aims at capacity building and transferring of solid technologies to developing and low-income countries targeting important objectives within the Sustainable Development Agenda. It includes educational and knowledge exchange activities.


SEQAP allows transfer of developed advanced methodologies for education quality assessment to a new cultural context and adaptation in a new language. The cross-country partnership under the project was formed in order to transfer the methodology to countries and to adapt it in different language while keeping its original quality. All methodologies originally created in Russian for the use in Russian educational environment and underwent the international validity review. Participating countries and Russia have a lot in common in approaches to education which is determined by the common historical past and close traditions. Transfer of the same assessment tools allow cross-country comparison of the educational achievements and effectiveness of the educational systems.

Partners of the SEQAP has an option to explore tool methodology and evaluate its’ features for a use in particular educational context.
Partnership is mutually beneficial. While focal point of the project is the NFID, countries work under the supervision of the tool developers. In response they provide information and enrich global knowledge on assessment and specific educational contexts through applying and improving technology of tools adaptation and development.


The developed assessment and training technologies becomes country’s own. It then can be used by state authorities and school administration for educational assessment in the situation where large-scale international comparative research is not conducted. The project also promotes tools for day-by-day school assessment by teachers. SEQAP covers targets 4.1 and 4C of the SGA 4th and targets 17.6 of the SDG 17th.

SEQAP stimulates capacity building through learning by doing , training including distant learning, seminars and workshops. Capacity building is one of the most important outcomes of the project. The increasing numbers of the specialists from the developing countries who underwent special training (through workshops, online distant learning, scientific seminars and so on) reflects the success of the project.

To learn more about the project and to join please follow this link.